Porque la derecha debe ganar

Solicitud de Escritores

El Pergamino de la Derecha hace un llamado a toda su audiencia para solicitar nuevos escritores.


– Tener principios afines a los que propone este espacio

– De preferencia con estudios universitarios y/o alguna especialidad y con reconocida trayectoria en su área de estudio.

– Responsabilizarse de escribir al menos un artículo semanal

Los interesados favor enviar su curriculum a gerardo@elpergamino.tk

  1. Mi nombre es Oscar Alberto Maldonado Ventura,Ingeniero Civil, Periodista, soy escritor, Me gustaría participar escribiendo con usted, soy de Honduras, Nací en Tegucigalpa. Le enviaré el curriculum Vitae, para que lo analice, y esperaría su respuesta. Su servidor Oscar A Maldonado.

  2. Da sugerencias de lo que desees. Veo el camino bien oscuro por ahora pero espero si Lobos es un conservador, la privatizacion de empresas de gobierno

  3. My take on the Honduras Issue

    You think that seven months of stubbornness had been of any pride for Honduras while in reality stubbornness is synonymous of stupidity on the part of the Micheletti’s sort of administration.

    Whatever president Zelaya did wrong prior to June 28th, 2009, does not stand after the brutal military coup that truncated his responsibilities while the Supreme Court did not order his return to Honduras to face trial for his sins. I honestly believe that the International Community does not believe a word of what Mr. Micheletti and his fanatics say.

    The first thing to do is to openly accept that there was an evident and irrefutable military coup. To finish a government by military means and expatriating the president is a military coup anywhere in the world. It’s a military coup that facilitated a civil government against Mr. Zelaya, but still a military coup. Without the military coup Mr. Zelaya would be still the president and without the military coup no other government, totally contrary to the former, would be in place. The military coup is the only explanation to both new situations: the expatriation of the president and a new totally opposed government to Mr. Zelaya. If fail to understand this fundamental point whatever you say has no credibility, because it’s not founded on a true fact of the events.

    If Mr. Zelaya was at fault with the law two thinks will be known by the world:

    1. The immediate order of the Supreme Court for the immediate return of President Zelaya to face trial.
    2. The immediate trial and exemplary punishment of the military for violating the Constitution and the Court order.

    This two events never happen and the international community concluded that whatever crime Mr. Zelaya committed it was of no gravity due to the fact that the Supreme Court, which gave order of his capture, not his expatriation, did not follow up to demand the immediate return of Mr. Zelaya to face trial, after the Army made decisions they never supposed to make by law neither in connection with logistics from two foreign countries: United States and Costa Rica. To this day the Supreme Court has accepted the expatriation of Mr. Zelaya without demanding his capture neither calling the military to justice.

    It’s incomprehensible the pride and joy of no allowing Mr. Zelaya’s freedom and citizen’s rights in Honduras. While it’s kind of weird that the military has not lost their jobs neither had been incarcerated after openly violating a Court order and the Constitution and crippling Honduras, leaving it without international aid and without majority support of the world. The military did not attend their Court hearing and they claim not to leave Honduras, but Mr. Zelaya came to Honduras on his own merits, so his job and rights must be respected fully.

    The second thing is to accept that expatriating a president is not constitutional; on the contrary, it is anti-constitutional. Therefore, any government after this breach of the law is spurious. It’s founded on an illegitimate action and as long as it exists is extending the illegality of its foundation. That is why United States has insisted in the return of Mr. Zelaya to his post and that is why U.S. is punishing every single actor that had built power on an illegal and anti-constitutional action. It doesn’t matter what wrong Mr. Zelaya did, the wrong made by the army and creating a government under such illegal umbrella takes away whatever Mr. Zelaya had done.

    U.S. did not count with the stupidity of the ruling Honduras government in not getting by law the return of Mr. Zelaya to power. To do so was the core of the Guaymura talks and Tegucigalpa – San José agreement. United States wants to correct what Mr. Micheletti stubbornness, or stupidity, could not accomplish as vital for the future of Honduras. Mr. Micheletti and his fanatics are too involved in the personal vendetta against Mr. Zelaya and forgave totally about the interests and well being of Honduras.

    Luckily, Mr. Lobo is not that kind of provincial politics and has a notion of what benefits Honduras not what damnages Mr. Zerlaya.

    For Mr. Lobo, Honduras is first and Zelaya must serve to the interests of Honduras, not to be the toy of childish fanatic anti-communists.

    Mr. Chavez, an international leader, is not affected by Honduras provincial politics. Venezuela, ALBA and his energy and financial global business remain unaffected without Zelaya. The full power of his enemies in Honduras did not bring the country anywhere. Mr. Micheletti, a local super-hero, was unable to bring the world economies to his side and was incapable of gaining the world support. Besides humiliating Mr. Zelaya, the anti-Chavez government of Honduras brought nothing to the benefit of Honduras. Instead of correcting Mr. Zelaya’s economy it brought a worst economy to Mr. Lobo. Mr. Micheletti cannot show that his short government corrected any of the economical problems of Honduras, on the contrary proudly presents a country in worst economically situation than the one prior to June 28th, 2009.

    Mr. Micheletti simply proved Mr. Chavez correct.

    I doubt these seven months had been of any importance or benefit to Honduras.

    Luis Pérez


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