Porque la derecha debe ganar

History Shouldn’t Repeat Itself.

In Opinión on 8 febrero 2010 at 10:27 PM

There is a people in the world who have been displaced from many places around the world, they have been displaced from Egypt, from their promised land to Babylon, allowed to return to rebuild their home, then ruled by some greco-persian animal of a ruler, then crushed up to the point of humilliation, then displaced around the world and their roots almost burned out from their homeland, then in our time, they were again used as an excuse for a madman to try and rule the world.

Now once more, a tyrannical leader, sitting on a babylonian chair, is making swift sword movements towards war on these people, the biggest weapon the world has known is being threatened on them, the people who build themselves the greatest nation on earth because of their support of the greatest people on earth is now under the rule of weak leader, someone who has a bigger compromise with a trophy from denmark than with its people, that leader doesn’t understand that the biggest blessing for his country come with their protection to these people.

By this time you, my reader, knows that i am speaking of the people of Israel and the American people. From 2003 the maniacal Irani rulers are waging a war of deception against the people of Israel, they are waging a two pronged virtual attack using proxy guerrilla armies and an undercover nuclear program that will make themselves capable of literaly “wiping out” Israel of the map. The USA and their “allies” in the western world are downplaying the possibility that Iran if able to attain nuclear capability will ever use it. As the main purpose of having nuclear power is, at least on the western world, the ability to have a great deterrence capability agains conventional attacks.

The conventional view however doesn’t work on a teocracy like Iran, like a bullet on the head as effective as may be to kill a terrorist can deter them to try and attack, because, how do you defend yourself in a conventional war against someone whose sole purpose in life is to die fighting against you?.

The world must act against Iran, and now its the time. If a conventional attack is not enough to cripple the defenses of the Iran nuclear sites or to destroy them, a non conventional attack that includes the western powers should be used to show the world that the world will not allow again another Hitler.

The time to act is now, waiting is like being at the tip of a cliff and expecting until you are airborne to take the steps to fight for your survival.



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