Porque la derecha debe ganar

Amnesty or Amnesia, No, Plesbicite

In Opinión on 17 enero 2010 at 11:24 PM

Every book starts with a piece of blank paper or in this digital age as an empty file.  Countries and societies got also a way to move ahead after a critical incident happen, the human nature seeks change, after a war or conflict many people migrate to another place. Honduras just passed a very difficult conflict, many families were broken and torn because of political disputes, many insults where hurled, properties were ravaged, lives where taken. But on November 29 the people of Honduras showed the world that they are the masters of their own destiny.

Now the new Honduran leader must keep showing the world where we stand, on June 28 we were noticed, many looked upon us as a Banana Republic, who made the first coup of the XXI Century, but a good amount of people, looked unto Honduras as the master coup to XXI Century Socialism.

We can lead the way ahead of this crisis, and the “International Community” can be received under conditions of apologizing to Honduras for the damage done. As for the Amnesty the “International Community” is calling for, give us the funding and we will make a plesbicite, and respect the saying of the people. Or is  their call for people legitimacy a bullying technique?

Can we have national pride if they require amnesy from their deeds against Honduras? This article turns into a question.

What do you think?

  1. Gerardo, I think this may be the best solution! I only worry about the cost…and time delay..


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