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How the Chinese Developed Their Economy?

In Opinión on 11 enero 2010 at 10:17 PM

Honduras should look to the fastest growing world economy for an example on how to develop our economy, there are a lot of differences but the objective is the same, China’s overall economic construction objectives were clearly stated in the Three Step Development Strategy set out in 1987:

Step One—to double the 1980 GNP and ensure that the people have enough food and clothing;

Step Two—to quadruple the 1980 GNP by the end of the 20th century;

Step Three—to increase per-capita GNP to the level of the medium-developed countries by 2050, at which point, the Chinese people will be fairly well-off and modernization will be basically realized.

It seems that all clever plans are simple, of course that behind them a careful planning and strong action is required, but principles as simple as “increase the sales by 25%”, “Double the profit” or “reduce debt in half”, carefully built plans are behind those words.

Why can’t Honduras say that and DO IT? I remember the slogan, “Una Honduras Verde para el 2000”, and the year 2000, came and nobody had a green Honduras. We don’t want that with our nation building plan.

  1. The big thing China did was to liberate the economy. No employment taxes. No minimum wage except for foreign businesses. Government intervention to keep union demands within reason. Worked miracles!


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