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Happiness is in the Air in Honduras

In Opinión on 25 noviembre 2009 at 10:20 PM


Honduras are awaiting for November 29. Everyone around here is expecting that day, a few are reluctant, and a very tiny few must be planning measures against it with or without violence, but you got to take into account the powerful resolve of the Honduran people, the people themselves will protect the polling stations against all danger. Most people believe in democracy, many believe in the republic, those who believe in the republic, a republic guarantees the rule of law is above everything else, the democracy is a mechanism to legitimize those people who govern the republic.

Under our constitution voting is a right and a duty, that itself make the process of voting different under a legal framework from everything else, since the state has the duty to provide you with the means to vote and you are also obliged by custom to provide your vote, technically speaking, you cannot vote and still no penalty is imposed upon you, but what happens if you loose than once in a four years opportunity to choose, you get people like zelaya, who won with the votes  of around 23% of the population able to vote. Imagine that, a president, and he had no real quorum.

On this day, you must pledge yourself as many Hondurans are doing, to get up early in the morning on November 29, go to your polling station and give your vote, it is a necessary step to avoid having guys like Zelaya. Lets rejoice in this weekend, and defend our democracy to sustain the republic.

Translate your happiness into a vote.

  1. Elecciones muy custionadas, en el interior por una cada vez mas creciente poblacion y en el exterior por casi todos los paises del mundo.
    Despues de su voto, rezen, rezen para que en los Estados Unidos los representantes y senadores cabildeados por las grandes corporaciones (principalmente Chiquita) reconozcan las eleciones. Al parecer, para los hondurenos es sumamente importante la aprobacion de los EE.UU.


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