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El Waterloo de Chavez

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El día 29 de Noviembre del 2009 será recordado junto al 28 de Junio como el día en el que el pueblo hondureño venció el Chavismo, estamos hablando del algo único en la historia de honduras, de una votación con un 75%  de turnout. Que DIOS Bendiga a Honduras, Chavez devuelvete a tu pais,

Happiness is in the Air in Honduras

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Honduras are awaiting for November 29. Everyone around here is expecting that day, a few are reluctant, and a very tiny few must be planning measures against it with or without violence, but you got to take into account the powerful resolve of the Honduran people, the people themselves will protect the polling stations against all danger. Most people believe in democracy, many believe in the republic, those who believe in the republic, a republic guarantees the rule of law is above everything else, the democracy is a mechanism to legitimize those people who govern the republic.

Under our constitution voting is a right and a duty, that itself make the process of voting different under a legal framework from everything else, since the state has the duty to provide you with the means to vote and you are also obliged by custom to provide your vote, technically speaking, you cannot vote and still no penalty is imposed upon you, but what happens if you loose than once in a four years opportunity to choose, you get people like zelaya, who won with the votes  of around 23% of the population able to vote. Imagine that, a president, and he had no real quorum.

On this day, you must pledge yourself as many Hondurans are doing, to get up early in the morning on November 29, go to your polling station and give your vote, it is a necessary step to avoid having guys like Zelaya. Lets rejoice in this weekend, and defend our democracy to sustain the republic.

Translate your happiness into a vote.

El Hombre Honrado Que Quizo Ser Presidente

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Un Hombre Honrado

Honduras es un país de contradicciones, existen individuos mediocres que reciben becas para sus estudios mientras que las mentes brillantes son pasadas de largo, soy testigo directo de esto, en mis años de universidad pude apreciar como se le denegaba una beca a uno de mis compañeros quien en su tiempo libre realizó un estudio sobre la aritmética autóctona de los mayas y  su utilización del cero como concepto matemático. Todo esto pasaba mientras decenas de becas eran otorgadas  a hombres y mujeres mediocres.

Este mismo caso se dá con nuestros políticos, el pueblo con su voto permite que centenas de hombres y mujeres mediocres se sienten en las sillas del poder mientras que aquellos individuos que realmente tienen un deseo de producirle bien a nuestra patria son pasados de largo, uno de esos hombres es Don Jorge Bueso Arias, Presidente del Banco de Occidente, candidato presidencial por el Partido Liberal en la justa electoral de 1971 contra Román Ernesto Cruz en la cual perdió contra su contrincante nacionalista.

Don Jorge ha desempeñado siempre una función parecida al oráculo de Omaha Warren Buffet, indicando con su alta experiencia como banquero cuales son los vientos económicos que soplan y hacia donde se dirige el destino de nuestro país, de la política cosechó sinsabores:

La corrupción es una de las causas que incide en la pobreza. Se ha generalizado, estoy muy asustado, porque antes no era así, los que participábamos lo hacíamos por ideales de servir ahora lo hacen por negocio

Don Jorge es un hombre de 90 años, nació un 14 de Septiembre del año 1919, ya en estos tiempos no pudiese aspirar a la presidencia, sin embargo estará siempre como un faro de la verdad, como una luz que marcará el camino para aquellos hombres honrados que pretendan aspirar a un cargo público.

Honduras necesita que sus hombre buenos sean tomados en cuenta, por eso, todos los hondureños en esta semana que el material electoral empezará a ser distribuido por todo el país y en el cual se inicia el denominado “Silencio electoral” en cual se detiene la campaña de los anuncios y las cancioncitas para dar paso a un tiempo de reflexión en el cual todos los hondureños debemos de pesar de buena manera quienes queremos que nos gobiernen.

Hombres como Jorge Bueso Arias se merecen no solo una beca, sino la oportunidad de demostrar lo que se puede hacer con honradez y honestidad, no les neguemos esa oportunidad y la desperdiciemos en políticos mediocres.

Eich bin ein Berliner

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In june 29, 1963, US President John F. Kennedy gave this speech, which was meant to boost morale not only to the inhabitants of West Berlin, but to everyone who stands for freedom and democracy., In the climax of his speech he says:

Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was civis Romanus sum [I am a Roman citizen]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’… All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’

Today, on this year starting on Jun 28, many people from around the world used the proudest boast they could use, to show how much they value freedom over tiranny, their call was “YO SOY HONDUREÑO”, many people who live here in Honduras used this call to show their symphaty for a freedom loving people who was misunderstood from almost everyone around the world. most foreigners couldn’t understand how the so badly called “international community” didn’t see past the smoke courtains being thrown by the neo communist dictator in Venezuela.

You can also become part of the freedom loving people of around the world who shout “YO SOY HONDUREÑO”. Do it, its empowering.

Free Enterprise in Honduras

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Contrary to what everyone believes, if international aid to Honduras is stopped the Earth will NOT sit still nor the sun will stop moving across the sky. In fact we have not had international aid prior to the removal of Zelaya, most of the aid was stopped because of rampant corruption, anyways most foreign aid is used to pay bureaucrats, rentals and luxury vehicles. Honduras can win its independence in a real way, by increasing its production.

Henry Hazlitt once said: “The only real cure for poverty is production.”. One of his books “Economics in One Lesson” can be downloaded here http://prawo.uni.wroc.pl/~kwasnicki/EkonLit/Economics%20In%20One%20Lesson.pdf. Hazlitt does a good job at uncovering the economic fallacies that are shown upon us as truth and how they mislead us into believing all those lies.

Let me remember you my dear reader, than Honduras economy is run in a large scale by the informal sector, that part of the economy is huge, with several economist giving numbers showing the informal sector with a production way ahead of the formally established business. Which in my opinion is good for our economy, but why don’t these same people, successful businessmen and women can legitimize their businesses. First of all take a look at what is needed in Honduras to formally establish and run a business (Manual in Spanish)


Imagine a 74 pages manual on how to create a business in Honduras, it is possible for the foreign investor who can afford a lawyer to wade through the legislation, but for a micro or pico businessman making $50 to $300 a day, which is good for Honduran standards, how can you formalize with all that nonsense.

To make it short, you need  a Lawyer to prepare the documentation and you have to register at the government level, state level, city level and finally (sigh) with the local commerce chamber. You have to adhere to several other institutions like RAP/FOSOVI (Housing Fund), IHSS (Social Security) plus you have to pay taxes to the city (Sales Volume Tax, plus operating permits), to the firemen (who are paid about every three months), to the state (which in turn use your money to create more laws and make your life more difficult). Did i mention 14 wages a year for your employees plus from 10 to 20 days of paid vacations. Almost 30 days of national holidays (between formal and informal), ah, and you have to pay double on weekends and Holidays, you have to pay 75% surcharges to your night shifts. Government control prices on many items, etc, etc.

I strongly believe that the complicated legislation on this matter is in fact which is causing the problem. We don’t need more laws, in fact we need to unify the current tax law, and its associated decrees making the process easier, at this point your business papers are nothing but dead trees, you can’t get a loan on your business unless you have property, the city operating permit is nothing but a piece of carton without meaning, your taxes for the firemen are instead used to pay bureocrats which are paid $5000 a month instead of paying the crew of 12 firemen you could need.

Politicians in Honduras, hear our needs, we need to unify legislation to make easy to set up a business formally, the state would reap benefits from it.