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How to Make Enemies, Being Influenced and Still Be Proud

In Opinión on 12 octubre 2009 at 8:53 PM

Going down

Going down

For the past 100 days, WE THE PEOPLE of Honduras have been in real “Resistencia”, we have been pushed like if Honduras was someone’s else patio, maybe its time they start realizing the reality instead of believing the lies and dumbfounded rants of a lunatic. In the same way that you can’t stop the sun from shining by pointing your finger at it, Zelaya couldn’t hide from the international community the fact that he is crazy or stupid, or both. For 100 days the Honduras have learned who are their true friends. We are realizing that this lesson will teach us more than a century of history. We have been taught by the world that we are alone, that the world prefeer those who want our demise instead of those who want us to be proud and influential, the world have seen the crumbling of the Estrada doctrine, the flagrant violation of International Law, we have seen the leader of the greatest nation on earth and Nobel Peace Prize winner siding with communist thugs who want the demise of his own country, fighting side by side with the enemies of Honduras, instead of doing what is common sense.  Now, we know that we have many friends in many countries, but their governments are blinded by hipocresy.

At the pace we are going, even a Forbes columnist suggest that we take steps to revert what is happening, take a look:


Heck, i have put the picture of my property in Santa Bárbara, if the government wants to use it as a training camp for the T word, they can. Surely if the DoD bomb it  the only thing that is going to die are some old cows and those T’s.

In love

In love

October is a patriotic month in Honduras, Honduras celebrates three national holidays on this month, i feel patriotic, and going with the flow of the current government policy instead of turning it like the Forbes columnist suggested i have coined some nice paragraphs for you to enjoy:

  • May the nations learn that Honduras has made an small step in defending its democracy but a giant leap on freedom and sovereignity.

  • Lets make June 28 be called International Dictatorship Fighting day, for the world to learn from the example the Honduran people have given, where a few brave and honorable men, took a stand against leftist bribes and decided to lose their life instead of throwing their country to a dictator.

  • Its just to say that democracies make mistakes, like the honduran people did when elected the crypto communist Zelaya, but the patriots who created our constitution determined that it shall be able to defend itself from the errors of the people. Its wise to say that our constitution has an anti-dictatorial vaccine.
  • May the coming generations remember to The Patriot of the Ulúa River, the man who gave its value to the words written in our national seal: Honduras, Free, Sovereign and Independent.

  • Hondurans are lucky, the pen that is writing our history has not been filled with blood, but with the intelectual ink of wise and brave men who have put their love for its country above everything else.

  • Love for its country its the true meaning of nationalism, but the ones who write our history have not yet learned that the pen to write our history its on their hands. Only The Patriot from the Ulúa River, Roberto Micheletti has given motives for pride to this land.

  • Honduras, i thank GOD for allowing me to be born on this land of the five stars, i wouldn’t change my place on history for nothing. Every Honduran conforms himself with being a point on the sides of your stars, those stars that make your flag so beautiful.

  • Honduras, as deep as your name is the meaning of this time. May your sons understand that the transformation has begun, may never be sold your dignity over money.

  • The real power of a Democracy lie in the actions of its colective, may the world understand that we DON’T CARE, if they don’t want to recognize our elections, as for us, the more important thins is that we recognize them as valid. May Nobel Peace Prizes rain on dictatorship lovers, but we want to be left in PEACE.

  • We the peple of Honduras must start a campaign with the international community to make them understand that if Zelaya is restored to power WE THE PEOPLE OF HONDURAS WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE ELECTIONS. We will NOT even vote if that happens.

  • What would you do if a thief entered your house, if you were armed you will surely use it against the tresspasser. Well thats what happened in Honduras, someone was trying to steal our country, but we were armed, our men in the uniform acted against …the tresspasser and they won. For as long as we have strong armed forces full with volunteers, nobody can force foreign tought on us, we are a free and sovereign country.

May GOD help us win this fight, because on Honduras lie the hope of many Latin American People. Maybe we are even giving hope to many, not just from Latin America, but from around the world, Hondurans be proud.

If you are moved by the previous paragraphs and happen to be a Honduran politician with conservative views and a high nationalist pride, i am available for speechwriting and helping the intelectual shaping of a campaign, you can read my resume on this page, no i am not interested in a job, i have three already, i want to be of service to someone with ideals of real change.

Gerardo Paredes

  1. Gerardo, The success of Honduras in forestalling Socialism is not just a hope for a lot of Latin Americans, it is a hope for all people in the world who appreciate Liberty!

  2. I wasn’t looking beyond my nose. It is addressed now. You are a good man, i appreciate having you as my reader


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