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Interesting POV’s on Honduras

In Opinión on 28 septiembre 2009 at 10:03 PM

Kevin Casas-Zamora and Michael Shifter make an interesting point about the situation in Honduras


This is my favorite part:

But it seems likely that Honduras will proceed with elections in November and look ahead to the next government that will take over in January 2010. Washington would then confront the dilemma of whether to support an election process overseen by a government it deems illegitimate. Refusing to do so could prolong the crisis and would inflict greater pain in the form of diplomatic isolation and reduced aid flows.  In the end, policies based on realism are likely to prevail, and the United States will recognize the new government, provided the elections are credible. Whatever happens in Honduras, the costs of the ongoing crisis to the Obama administration could turn out to be far from negligible.




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