Porque la derecha debe ganar

When in Doubt, Lie

In Opinión on 18 septiembre 2009 at 12:04 AM


According to this article from “El Heraldo”, The Pope Benedict XVI told Luis Alfonso Santos a Catholic Bishop that he is with the “Resistencia”, and we may see his holiness stamping some graffiti himself on Tegucigalpa’s Cathedral. He will have a blessed rock throwing contest with Juan Barahona and Rafael Alegría, two known atheists. Blessed water for drinking. Come over join Luis Alfonso Zelaya er Santos on his holiness overthrow of the sadistic Micheletti Regime who is doing nothing but opressing the 5% of the population who wants Zelaya back to sow their benefits.


Dear readers, simply, an oustanding lie, remember rule number one of communism, lie your way out. We may send this to AP and AFP so his holiness learn from this twisting of his words by a catholic bishop, maybe this way he will learn he is going to HELL for lying. Sorry Luis Alfonso Santos, but you should read the bible again, because obviously you missed some chapters. Maybe someone at theological school played you a joke and changed some bible chapters by marxist writings.

Call me, i can lend you my bible, if you can’t read, we can gather at my home and do some bible reading and after that some slap wristing to erase your sin.

Luis Alfonso “You Lie” Santos, even if it takes suffering my slap on your wrists for a while. We are the  true resistencia lying scumbag, you deserve to be a priest as much as an unrepented assasin.

  1. I really wonder whether the El Heraldo article correctly reported what Bishop Santos said. I have not heard the radio interview but I have heard him speak about speaking with the pope for 15 minutes, but that was in 2008, not last month as the El Heraldo article noted. Also, he has stated recently that the pope has NOT specifically come out in favor of the coup. Please check your stories before calling someone a liar.


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