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Zelaya, a Chavez Sympathizer was NO Friend of America

In Opinión on 6 septiembre 2009 at 9:35 PM


The two "amigos"

The two "amigos"


I am reproducing an article received on my mail list from a friend, he is known as safariman
Tractors received with Fanfare from Chavez Pale Compared to U.S. Support for Honduran Infrastructure!
USA Gives FAR more through Millenium Challenge, with Minimal Honduran Government Recognition! 
For over a year now, we’ve been bombarded with propaganda about the great benefit Honduras was receiving thanks to the generosity of Hugo Chavez, and ALBA.
The first of 100 tractors and implements arrived in February 2009, with great fanfare, and many speeches, mostly praising the accomplishments of Mel Zelaya, Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro. The tractors are made by the Venezeuelan-Iranian joint venture company Venian in Venezuela.
About 60 tractors are in service. The rest are already being used for spare parts. Hondurans have gone to Venezuela, and other ALBA member nations who have received these tractors, but spare parts seem unavailable.  The tractors are considered unreliable. It seems unclear if Venian is even still in operation.
The tractors are small, and low power units. El Heraldo estimated the value of this highly publicized donation at about US$ 3.0 million. That sounds about right.
Since the tractors are controlled by government controlled campesino organizations, and rented by the individual farmers, I can’t help but wonder if this is not simply another scheme to give monetary favors to political supporters.
But to me, even more telling is what the United States contributes to Honduran Infrastructure through the Millenium Challenge Corporation. Designed to combat poverty through economic growth, Millenium has spent many millions on education and credit facilitation for the agricultural sector of Honduras. One line item for expenditures through June, 2009 was for US$ 22.4 million for technical assistance, this alone having SEVEN times the value of the Venezuelan Tractors.
But there is much more. Over US$ 100 million is still to be spent on upgrading CA5, the main road between Puerto Cortez, a deep water port on the Caribbean, and Choluteca on the South Coast. In between, it links with Industrial San Pedro Sula in the North, and the Capitol, Tegucigalpa, in the mountains. These funds have been frozen by the US decision, as I understand it.
So the United States gave Honduras a lot, with virtually NO recognition by the Zelaya Government. ALBA gave a little, but it was puffed up as if it were the greatest thing ever done for Honduras.
Now, we have an even handed Government in Honduras, more favorably disposed toward goodwill to Americans in office here. There was an opportunity for the USA to support the Constitutional Change, made here on June 28. That would have been of benefit to freedom loving, anti Chavez groups around Latin America, and improved Americas image and edge throughout Latin America. It seems the potential has been squandered, in return for only bad will locally, and possibly slightly diminished criticism of the clearly leftist OAS.
Safariman is a Citizen of the United States of America, who has been living in Honduras for over 14 years, in that time he has found himself in love with Honduras, he has been doing a good job of spreading the word about what really happened here.
Something we must understand is that the people of the United States of America aren’t our enemies on this fight, instead most of them are alongside us in a way or another, even if their government is not,  the position their government have put themselves into, trying to show they are acting against the “coup” but appears to many as a mere rethorical position, sadly taken, since on the same week restrictions on travel to Cuba were lowered, an undemocratic nation with no elections scheduled for the foreseable future and with a communist military regime in power for over 50+ years.  That makes you think about the upside down state on things in this world.
Our conservatives and libertarian friends in the United States of America are gathering strength, this week they just made  Anthony Jones resign, also know as “Van” Jones, a close advisor of  President Barack Obama who had been involved with the group know as “Thruthers”, people who think the terrorist attacks of September 11 by Islamic Radicals were planned by the US government.
Remember that most positions on the current US Government are currently filled by guys like this, Hillary Clinton herself thru his husband who Popo’ed in big, by using an american  military invasion to help a known dictator to return to power in Haiti, also, the republican have fewer than half minorities on both chambers of congress, and even while they know they can not pass a resolution helping us,  many of them are voicing their concern over their government misdeeds on Honduras.
Safariman point here is that Zelaya did not show the same level of appreciation for all the Aid the US gives to Honduras, but made a pompous reception to the obsolete tractors the Venezuelan Emperor sent to Honduras.
Point taken friendly people in the United States of America, your government will become slave of their own words and they are likely to fail and hopefully will not gather enough support to keep control of the legislative branch on next year election. Hopefully Honduras will remain strong, free, democratic and a Republic and not a Satraphy of Venezuela until that happen.
Thanks for your support.
  1. Thank you, Gerardo.

    I like the lead in and attractive presentation you gave the comment!

  2. Great site, excellent analysis….


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