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Differences and Similarities of Political Parties in Honduras

In Opinión on 23 agosto 2009 at 9:22 PM


As the son of a former deputy “Diputado” to the Honduran Congress (Partido Nacional- Santa Bárbara) i have been asked by many friends over many of my adults years what are those ideals my father fought for, because he always did politics in a different way. They always asked me what was to have every Partido Nacional Leader from Callejas up to “Pepe” Lobo visiting his humble house at every election, our small town only represents around 5000  to 6000 votes. But as a delegate to the national convention he was well connected and was always held in our native Santa Bárbara as a voice to be heard even at the dusk of his life.  He always taught the people by example and for a good reason, many of his friends came from the rival Liberal Party, even Efraín Bú Girón Congress Speaker at the time when Roberto Suazo Córdova was president, was his friend, a frienship that dated back to their time as classmates in Instituto Indepencia in Santa Bárbara. I always answer questions by telling them that his ideals were those that were written at the foundation of the party and that still at this time lie at his cornerstone on its statutes:

To sustain and uphold the Constitution of the Republic

To sustain untouchable the Honor, Self Determination and Freedom of the republic and its borders

To guarantee the following of the international treaties our country has signed, especially those relatives to the Human Rights Convention, the Internation Pact for Civil Rights and the Women Rights Convention

To Strengthen the national traditions, the respect for our heroes and to sustain the values of our national identity

To participate on every international organization whose objectives help the sustainment of freedom and democracy

To cooperate with every national institution whose end includes the sustainmet of democracy and social peace.

Fight for the commong good, to let every inhabitant able to find justice, freedom, culture, protection for his family and his economic and social well being.

To compulsively study the national stage to find solution to major problems that attack our society, to publicily explain them to the current authorities and to the citizenship as a whole.

Those are the most pertinent for Ideology, the other ones are mostly political. On these days, the Partido National discourse on my opinion, thru “Pepe” Lobo ambiguity doctrine is doing nothing to uphold the party guidelines. Even we at “El Pergamino de la Derecha” have written several articles against this ambiguous doctrine,

on May 10, Lobo que Ladra no Muerde https://gerardoparedes.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/lobo-que-ladra-no-muerde/

 How far has he gone from the clenched fist discourse he sought on the past election. Are ideals maleable? Are you allowed to change stance? Or its only when you really lack ideals that you can use whatever ideal you want?

Those questions are hard to answer, and personal.  “Pepe” Lobo, you should answer them.

The case is that from all political parties in Honduras 4 of them share a rightist view, only the UD which formed from the pieces of the former Communist Partiies. 

Partido Liberal: A center right party with a liberal view, an small percent of his base of about 2% has a leftist view

Partido Innovación y Unidad (PINU): It’s a social democrat party up to this moment they are not yet member of the socialist parties international union.

Partido Democrata Cristiano Hondureño:  As its name state it, its a Christian Democrat party very aligned with the rightist, conservative view the the Partido Nacional has, that’s why they are always aligned in congress.

Unificación Democrática (UD):  Its the only leftist institution, they formed from the shattered remains of the former underground Communist Party, they are receiving financial help from the FARC and other guerrilla organizations around the world.





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