Porque la derecha debe ganar

I Intend to Keep My Oath, Are The Zelayistas Keeping Theirs

In Opinión on 22 agosto 2009 at 10:33 PM

At a time where we Hondurans are fighting external enemies, that want us to follow a path to our destruction as a free society, our friends in the United States of America are also fighting against a domestic enemy who want to take away their freedom to choose.  As if there is any freedom if you are not able to chose.

I want everyone of  you reading this that Honduras National Anthem its on itself an Oath that says:

¨Por guardar ese emblema divino
marcharemos¡Oh patria!a la muerte;
generosa será nuestra suerte
si morimos pensando en tu amor.
Defendiendo tu santa bandera,
y en tus pliegues gloriosos cubiertos,
serán muchos, Honduras, tus muertos,
pero todos caerán con honor.¨

Literally and badly translated, if anyone can help me with this:

To guard that divine symbol

we will gladly march to our death

a generous death we will have

if we died thinking about your love.

Defending your sacred Flag

their folds covered with glory

There will be many Honduras the dead

but everyone will fall in Honor.


and you know what.  I keep my Oath

  1. These patriotic things are hard to translate. I really can’t improve it.

    But we have to keep our independence. I’ll fight, too.

    From Tegucigalpa


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