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Comparing Villeda Morales Coup against the current Constitutional Substitution

In Opinión on 17 agosto 2009 at 11:49 PM

Micheletti, the Hero who chose to stand over tirany

Micheletti, the Hero who chose to stand over tirany

Many people are comparing the Coup D’etat against Honduran Ex-President Ramón Villeda Morales and the constitutional succesion done on June 28 2009.

At this link you can look at an article from October 11, 1963 where you can get the TIME Magazine scoop on what happened in Honduras, but now, after knowing how MSM bends the truth i look at it with a bit of skepticism, however you gain some insignt by reading it, but the article doesnt mention Morales ties with Castro:


Like this article does:


I guess Villeda Morales was so “worried” with Castro that he even tried to import some weapons caches into Honduras to support the communist revolution franchising through America Central.

The point is, Villeda Morales was strenghtening his ties with Communist thugs as Zelaya did, that’s where the simmilarities begin and where they end.  To start with the differences:

 Villeda Morales had studied his whole life, he was a Doctor with studies in Germany and Paris,  Zelaya was a “Burro” who finished secondary education by sheer luck,

Villeda Morales was removed from power by the military, Zelaya was removed from office on a court order, the order was executed by the military,

Villeda Morales “Civil Guard” soldiers died defending him, because they believed on his project, Zelaya, well, i am told by some friend in the military than those bodyguards turned their guns on Zelaya, they hated him, Zelaya is only too ashamed of that to tell the truth.

On the Case of Villeda Morales the Military took the power and a General was in charge of the country, in Zelaya’s case our institutions are intact.

To end with the differences even both Villeda Morales sons are trying to show to the world about what happened here and how that differs from what has done to their father:


Even if the cause was the same, they was it was done it is much more civilized this time, and have the support from a big majority of the population. What part doesn’t the world understand.

We want to self govern, we don’t want any left licking entity like the OAS or any communist infiltrated organization to hold an inch of our country, if they are so outraged and are so democratic, let them rely on popular support, and give Xiomara Zelaya the  UD’s  Cesar Ham or Carlos H. Reyes spot at the votings and let the people decide.

We will keep working  and paying taxes while those vandals and  “vende patria” and teachers get it. I guess they are not that smart, that’s why they don’t like giving classes. And our best fraternal hug to every Honduran who is working to keep this country alive. Stand Firm and say it aloud, you should be proud, stand strong and alive.

Honduras is winning this war, and as from the beggining not  single drop of blood has fallen on the democratic government hands.  Zelaya, you owe the murillo family a Son, what are you going to do. You are going to get your due part in due time.

  1. Excellent article. Thanks for the history lesson and the links.

    I don’t believe that Xiomara would be allowed to run this time based on the constitution. Artículo 240.6.

  2. Gringa, as i told you, you should be made at least Consul to Honduras, if not Ambassador. You are truly remarkable, the first step on being a democrat is the knowledge of the law.

    Those Zelayitas are mobsters, they are not democrats, they want to get hold on power by creating chaos, they will see how much the Honduran people hate them on November 29.


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