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Of Life and Fighting for our Freedom

In Opinión on 16 agosto 2009 at 10:19 PM

Nancy and Raquel Excursion

Nancy and Raquel Excursion


Life goes on better than expected. My day job is working as a logistics manager, on the past month we received visits from the three diferent suppliers, all of them were scared to death of coming to Honduras, one was a guy from Japan, another a Taiwanese Tire Trader and a freight forwarder from Miami. I was even able to put the Taiwanese at Hotel Sula, i guess he had a first look into the action of the mobs “pacifically manifestating” at the parque central in San Pedro Sula, i still remember his words, “Those guys manifestating are being paid, they only manifestate from 8 to 5”. Most of them were apalled that this country is calm, nothing like they see on the foreign media, i guess they only have mainstream media available to them and never read “El Heraldo” or “La Prensa”. They left Honduras with the knowledge that we are not in critical situation like they used to think, they understood our fight for freedom.


And OUR life goes on. This Satuday was Nancy’s Baby Shower, her workmates organized the event from 12 to 4 pm at Hotel Intercontinental, it was an informal meet, where everybody but Nancy paid around for their meal, lots of games, lots of good vibes, so we spend the evening there laughing and rejoicing on how Blessed will be our child.

In the past week we began our inter period lull on teaching at the university, Nancy won’t be teaching next period because she is seven months pregnant with our first child, a nice little human we chose to name Mariana Raquel a strong name because we want her to have a strong character and even stronger bond with GOD.  This sunday we stay late in bed, but around 11 AM we quickly planned a  trip to “Las Cuevas de Taulabé”  with a detour for lunch at “Lago de Yojoa”. 

Because of the current situation and all the “molote” the squirrel has been doing we skipped our trip last sunday, but today after i mentally shut out the squirrel nobody could stop us. So, the three of us, Nancy, our unborn child, Mariana Raquel and me, left on a trip to the caves.  You can’t imagine how beautiful and wonderful is Honduras, every shade of green you can imagine,  GOD blesses us with an special rainy season, where only rains from 3pm and upwards, we were able to drive there with the windows rolled down, we stopped around 1 pm on “Hotel Los Remos” at the Yojoa Lake, we spend about 1 hour and half there and Lps. 212.00 (about $ 11) for a meal of fried fish with platain slices and drinks for two (remember, at this time Raquel is still eating through Nancy).

We left the restaurant at 2:38 pm and arrived to “Las Cuevas de Taulabé” in a about half an hour, fees for entrance was Lps. 25.00 each (about $1.10) and we chose a nice guy called Nahúm  to lead us on the tour through the caves, he charged us a “voluntary” fee of Lps. 50.00 (about $2.60) for about 1 hour of walking and guiding us inside the cave.

An amazing trip that made us forgot about the squirrel and his friends, apparently they also took a vacation on this sunday since they worked so hard on saturday, remembering the boy that Zelaya got killed at Toncontín.


I strongly believe that my current actions will mark the future my child will have, and i don’t want her to not be able to chose a future of her own.  What someone needs to keep growing as a human being, is a stable government who doesnt get too much into your life, that’s what we currently have,  the squirrel pounded us with his lies, he was troubling, perharps my child someday will learn that the fight for her freedom to choose started on June 28, 2009.  I don’t want a big communist state to tell me what can i buy or what i can’t buy at the grocery store, that’s part of my freedom.

Honduras, In this fight there are those who are with you and those who are against you, may the first win, because those are the ones who love you most.

Gentlemen, our children future is at stake, don’t stay scared at home, let’s put our economy to work.  And if our efforts fail, remember than the path to democracy is stained with the blood of those who fought for it. Stay Alert




  1. Congratulations, Gerardo. Your wife is beautiful and your child will be blessed with parents she can be so proud of. I’m glad that you had an enjoyable day free from the squirrel.


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