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Most Famous Squirrel of LATAM

In Opinión on 16 agosto 2009 at 12:51 AM

The Omnipresent Squirrel

The Omnipresent Squirrel


The Squirrel does it again

 Dear Friends:

 I am asking for your help, i need something to clear out of my mind, there is this squirrel i get everytime inside my mind, and my Television, i just can’t  avoid  it, that squirrel just keep appearing inside my mental picture frame.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i want to introduce you to the most known “metiche” squirrel in the whole Latin American area, that squirrel’s name is Manuel Zelaya Rosales, he was the president of Honduras until he started claiming the “People’s desire for his second term in office“, our constituion, which has a life of his own, acted to protect herself from further violation and in accordance with the laws of the republic and under a state of necessity,  decided knowingly to violate one of his articles to sustain the other 373 articles intact, and exiled this squirrel to Costa Rica on the morning of  June 28, 2009 because of the fear angry mobs could cause a bloodbath.

On a perfect world with right leaning  governments this would have gone unnoticed, the squirrel was the president of a tiny country in Central Americal whose GDP is lower than any state in the American Union and the squirrel just had 5 more months left to govern this little country, but the squirrel had powerful friends, a lefty bully who has a big stage on this world, a bully who rules (not govern, he rules Venezuela) a country that has petroleum. This Bully has used his international plataform and state run media to press a disinformation campaign that has made many countries around the world have frozen their ties with the current Honduran government because of the misinformation campaign waged by Chavez and the Squirrel. 

However we are not in a perfect world, we live in an upside down world, a world that as described in the bible is about to come to its end. And this current upside down world idolatres dictators while punishes the fight for freedom.

The squirrel is SO patriotic that his desire is,  that every country in the world shut their doors to the very people he is supposedly trying to protect from a “de facto” regime and democratically “govern” forever and ever until the sun is dark in the sky.

The Squirrel is SO democratic that he is trying to mark as void the following elections that the current “de facto” regime has programmed for November 29, the same date that was set before his exile. Imagine, a democrat who doesn’t want elections!!! Unbeliveable, we should put this squirrel’s picture under the democrat word in the dictionary.

He is SO brave that surrounded by 100 hundred supporters he was only able to set the tip of his foot inside his country, so brave that himself alone in a narco plane tried to create a massacre and only  got one poor guy killed by his owm mob at the Toncontín Airport. This was nothing compared to the massacre of the “Horcones” in which his family is involved and got 14 people massacred for a bunch of forest at his hometown in Olancho.

It is true the events of June 28 appear troubling to most people around the world, just the tought of having the president removed by force by the armed forces it is an uncompatible picture never to be seen at our allied countries. But as impossible as that seems, what can you do with a president who completely and recklessly avoids the rule of law. Imagine for a moment, what would you do if the president of the biggest corporation in your country decided against anyone wishes, even those of the whole board of directors and and the general assembly of shareholders to sell the company properties for 2 Cents, imagine that there is even a court order restraining him from doing so, imagine also that he has a personal army  (The Presidential Guard in the squirrel’s case) of about 1000 thousand people, would you trust on sending the police to arrest him? this guy was the manager of the biggest corporation on the country, the honduran government employs 140,000 people, far bigger than anything, could you trust any politically sided organization to be able to comply with the arrest warrant?.


Of course you would use the most apolitical institution you could use to arrest him. Of course not many of you know that in this country where the squirrel was born, the military don’t cast votes, the military is prohibited under the constitution to vote on elections, to keep them as apolitical as possible. Maybe our constitution and democracy its inmature but that’s the way it was written.

 But this squirrel owner, Chavez, has deep pockets, he has given the squirrel a plane, cell phones and drug money so he can finance his tour around the world smearing Honduras image.

If you see him, he wears a mustache and is cheeky from the good life he is having on Venezuela’s people money. I am tired of this squirrel, i am turning off my tv, the internet, the telephone and my brain now as not to see him anymore. If you casually get to see this squirrel, get off camera, he is the girl from “The Ring” the movie, it will crawl out the TV and get into your brain.  I am not to blame if you receive a call telling you are being bombed by Zelayistas after you see his picture. No one can make liable for your choices. Hate him and leave it, that´s the only way out.
If you can throw a digital rotten egg at that Squirrel, DO IT!!!,  he hates everything american, yet he call for american intervention in Honduras.  Double Standard, Liar. Did i forgot to tell you the squirrel is a liar, well, that would be the subject of another writing.
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