Porque la derecha debe ganar

Drug Dealers and Other Powders Factories…

In Opinión on 31 julio 2009 at 12:41 AM

It’s laughable that the colombian guerilla has given their support to Zelaya. Those drug dealers and the narco state of Venezuela are throwing their support behind the militia Zelaya is training in Nicaragua. 


How have we come to this? many governments of the world also supporting the creation of a guerrilla force to try and break in into a country by force, outrageous, seriously, Obama is going to end the US hegemony on the region, he has no north but trying to be different from Bush, even if it’s wrong. I guess the relationship with our previous ally the US will be damaged for a long time after all this happens, but i want you to know, that to me watching what the US is doing is like reading about the fall of Rome.

The only part winning on all this is Hugo Chavez, and he is not an ally of the US, if they are not interested in helping us, at least they should left us alone and stop trying to reinstate that mad cowboy commander back on the saddle. We don’t deserve what the US is doing to our country. History will judge as wrong what they are doing on siding with the FARC, Chavez and all the ALBA club instead of supporting a natural ally. What will happen when they see El Salvador also taken by the leftists?, when Ortega re-elects?. When every country from Mexico downwards is covered by the leftist tide?. Will they react in time?


Yesterday ambassador Hugo Llorens, who Zelaya withhold for a week the reception of his consular letter, still he is the power behind Zelaya in Honduras, pressuring all sides against their will.

Great pals

Great pals











An dear cowboy commander is asking OAS for the start of a commercial blockade of Honduras, here is the letter.








Can you believe that any leader who love his country would like to see an embargo, knowing that the poorest people will be the one to suffer more.

Has the US become a supporter of leftists governments, dead past presidents  are revolving on their grave, alive ones must be very uncomfortable with the US current policy of smart power that doesn’t have any smart.



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