Porque la derecha debe ganar

Honduras keeps on fighting

In Opinión on 27 julio 2009 at 11:28 PM

Even after the circus Zelaya has installed on the boder with Nicaragua, this country keeps strong. The foreign agitators don’t have enough numbers to create chaos all across Honduras, on sunday i went for a cruise around San Pedro, it was quiet, we went to eat lunch, buy groceries we even had time to go visit a relative who is at the hospital. It seems like all the “throngs” of sociopaths were out of the city  trying to get Zelaya back in the saddle.

Last week was a long one, Zelaya with help from the FARC and with Venezuelan foreign minister at his side has been trying to forcefully enter the country.  He couldn’t, or he didn’t wanted, he hasn’t been able to gather enough popular support as he believed to had.  On monday we had another revelation, the police found a log book of the money paid to agitators to help with the protests, incredible, i tought these guys were eating maná from heave. Would Chavez have anything to do with it? It is Nicolas Maduro, foreign minister of Venezuela in Nicaragua for a Reason, or it is Chavez a defender of Freedom. That is the question.



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