Porque la derecha debe ganar

Why is Honduras United?

In Opinión on 14 julio 2009 at 11:41 PM

For some people in Honduras is so difficult to believe how united is our political class to deal with the Zelaya problem, to many of us, its just incredible to see so many people from both majority political parties in the government, the full spectrum of people from every political filiation available in this country except the extreme left are united.

I am officially calling the supra national intentions of Zelaya, “The Zelaya Problem”, yes, he was the problem, he double the internal debt of this country, at a time where so much money was available after Honduras was freed of his debt by two past presidents. He is a problem, because he is trying to stir an artificial revolution just to keep himself in power, he is a traitor by allowing foreign influence on this country.

Some in the outside say he should be allowed back, for what?  he would only come here to desestabilize and to take revenge, some say international aid will be lost, well, it was already lost under his government.

We are united because the current government is doing what Zelaya never did, they are gaining consensus, for god’s sake they even made a budget, somethink that Zelaya couldn’t do since September 2008.

The Zelaya Problem has been resolved and Honduras is more than ever a free country. May GOD help us to steer this ship ashore without need of international aid.



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