Porque la derecha debe ganar

A White Revolution

In Opinión on 13 julio 2009 at 10:21 PM

Today, La Prensa, published an article from Otto Martin Wolf, one of my favorite Honduran columnists, you can see it at :


There he calls what happened in Honduras a White Revolution, after the color used for all of us who marched for peace and democracy supporting Zelaya’s ouster.

I think its an interesting point, he explains how what happened in Honduras may possibly  be studied for years to come as an example of a country united against a tyrant, he explains that many people will never be able to understand what really happened here, many still calling it a classical Coup a few years ahead. He claims what was started in Honduras could send a wave to ALBA country , he uses the term “Reverse Domino Theory”  to call what happens when people stand up and fight the governments at ALBA countries,  that’s why they fear and oppose so hard what happened in Honduras.

And the truth shall set you free says The Bible. If we keep working as at this moment in hour history, freedom is the only answer to our efforts. What GOD promises, he keep.

The White Revolution at an small country that could vanquish tirany and started a Reverse Domino Effect on every ALBA country, citizens of those countries, stand up now and fight for your freedom, look at us, we didn’t need dollars, nor oil to accomplish what we did, just courage and Men of Honor, even if your leaders are blind under the darkness of communism, put your White Shirt and light up the world.

The White Revolution of peace has just begun.

  1. Gerardo, My name is Marisa Treviño and I publish a site in the U.S. titled Latina Lista. I have written extensively on the situation in your country but I still have readers who don’t understand or believe that it was the will of the people that this overthrow happened. I was wondering if you would please visit my post at Latina Lista and leave a comment.

    It might help with the discussion 🙂


    The URL to the post is http://www.latinalista.net/mediacasts/2009/07/former_us_marine_creates_citizen_journal.html


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