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To Work or Not to Work

In Opinión on 12 julio 2009 at 12:00 AM

Trinidad, Santa Bárbara

Trinidad, Santa Bárbara

I have always tought of work as the quintessential form of achievement, through ones work you can achieve anything, no matter how much you get paid,  its just question of timing the savings and you could buy anything you set your eyes upon. The vehicle to get you there is education.

People should work as much as they can, with my wife we get a busy schedule, we wake up every day at 6:00 A.M., earlier if i go to run up the merendón, we both get to work at 8:oo, end our worktime at around 18:00 and teach at the university from 18:30 till 20:20, we both work on saturdays until 20:20 and my wife who is carrying our first child also teaches until midday on sunday. We still find time in our schedules to pray, read at night, prepare classes, exercise,  go to church, ah, and to gave ourselves a time as a couple.  Every recess at teaching of about 3 to 4 weeks each we vacation on weekends to a different city inside our country.

You could think we have had a privileged life full of money and were raised without any lack of resources, but, the truth is, we both come from a little town in Santa Bárbara that has had its history full of great men, but today the blood of that men is drying. Descendants of converted jews from Spain we can trace our lineage back to conversos come from several towns in Spain, we both know who our great great great grandfather was, Nancy  for example is the descendant of  Ildefonso Pérez, a tradesman from spain who came to the area in the 1800’s and from  Leon Howard and english inmigrant who settled on the area now know as “Los Vaditos” of the municipality of Petoa, Santa Bárbara. We were taught to work  from an early age, i used to sell bananas and oranges  door to door when i was little. I used to sell the bread my mom cooked at her bakery thru the villages around my town.

Yes, its true we know our lineage and feel proud of it, but none of our ancestors left us money or property, nor were they our cause to love  work.  Believe me both of us funded our higher education through lending, which we are almost to the point of paying back fully in a few months more and myself used to work while studying for around the equivalent of $3 a day and doing a very specialized job of streaming live audio thru the internet and building new media in a radio station.  We both are selft taugh in english and myself  sprechen deutsch after a 4 years stint working for a company where every manual for the equipemt was written in German

Yes we have had our hard times, but even when the work looks unpromising you can be sure that if your boss can find in you a hard worker above his expectative you will gain a raise in no time.

If they learn to trust you and find you are honest,  responsible, intelligent, puctual and a very hard worker they will assign you a raise faster than you think. And doesn’t matter what you do, you should never, ever stop studying. You should take studying as an never ending quest, the end itself of studying is to learn more, that put yourself into a position of having to study some more to better apply what you just learm.

Is just insame of thinking how the teachers of the public education system in my country can resist being at home with paychecks still coming instead of doing what they are paid to do, TEACH. I strongly believe it is a crime, it is a human rights violation and i am sending a letter to HRW.  I hope they are not only interested on supporting the human right of criminals but also the rights of Honduran Children. I mean its OUTRAGEOUS having well paid teachers and they don’t want to give classes because some elephant in Venezuela farts too loud.

Even the bible calls for the just pay for the work done, how is possible to have teachers who get paid even if they don’t work. Please somebody wake me up as i am writing this a bit late at night, but when i was young, people used to get paid to WORK, not to get paid for NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The constitution of this small country who just recently has been upheld from foreign domination, calls for equality among all of their citizens, how is possible that the teachers  in this country are and über class who doesn’t have to work to get paid. To whom do i complain, we need the media, both national  and international calling for sanctions for these teachers union who call for their associates to stop working, please someone institute the death penalty and shot them and charge $1,000,000 to their relatives for the error of giving birth to such criminals against our children future.

I am not really asking for the death penalty but it must stress the seriousness of not having well educated children on our country,  sometimes the damage done is beyond repair, because due to the lack of classes the teachers feel obliged to give passing grades to all of their students and nobody check the quality of the education those kids get.

I would like to propose to my congress and initiative of law to change the way public educators get paid, someone cross examine those boys and if they are found faltering, slash teachers salaries. That would be justice.




The hydro my ancestors built in the 1920's

The hydro my ancestors built in the 1920's

On a more cheerful note, you can see in this picture an small hydroelectric built by some ancestors of my back in the 1920’s. It is located at Trinidad, Santa Bárbara, and small town, but is were i was born and even if my two fathers have died, most of my extended family lives there. 


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