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Did the Oligarchy finance the removal of Zelaya?

In Opinión on 11 julio 2009 at 1:53 AM

Today i want to review the facts of the supposed financement of Zelaya’s Ouster by the oligarchy.

First i want you to understand that in a regime like the one Chavez have in Venezuela, the military is constantly being humilliated and purged but also for the “fine” officers that keep in there, life is good, houses, money, new cars and more money is the rule and not the exception. You can follow this link and read this article to learn from first hand  some of the fact of the purges on the venezuelan army


you can toss the coin and if  lucky get the other side of the coin here


for an depth analysis of Chavez plans for domination, be careful of what you read, i don’t want anyone turned into a leftist after reading  “El Pergamino de la Derecha”.

Summarizing this, i can tell you that on Chavez  terms, after the military purges, the officers who keep quiet get great benefits, awesome perks. All of that to keep quiet about the lack of the rule of law they have been sworn to defend when not at War.  In Honduras the constitution explicity calls for the military to defend the form of government and to act when that form of government is in danger. And they did.

Well, now, everybody reading this accepts as true that with a leftist Honduras the military would have benefited, in fact Mr. Zelaya have been giving perks to the military, even commisioning them to construct the new airport at Palmerola, as a contradiction i may tell you that the military trucks  our army is using and used to get up to Zelaya’s House are the same trucks for which Zelaya paid 400 Million of Lempiras from India. Believe me i work in a high sphere of businessmen and can tell you with authority that no man in Honduras is rich enough to compete with the government, in fact the government is the bigger employer in Honduras. Thus, how could be possible that the businessmen or the oligarchy as they left call them could finance a supposedly “illegal” removal of Zelaya from Power.

Trust me, if they were doing it for the money, Zelaya would be in power. But they did it for their principles, our military has strong rightist ties, they have reason, they fought leftism in the 80’s and they know from first hand the damage leftism can do to a country. The didn’t want that for Honduras.

General Velasquez Chief of Staff, and to all the chiefs of the branches of our armed forces, your picture will be next to Morazán, next to Dionisio de Herrera, next to all of our Procers.  Generals you are making Cabañas happy on his grave, his spirit of honesty may be with you forever.

  1. Dear Sir
    I am writing to tell you that there are many Americans who support the Honduran people and the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. The truth is beginning to be told in our country and many are upset that our President, Barak Obama, did not stand up for democracy against Mel Zelaya. We have some good senators who are working hard to help you and your country as much as we are able.
    I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I will continue to tell people the truth about Honduras and your desire for freedom and peace and democracy. I am also praying that God will help you and your country. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Thanks for those words of support. As a christian myself, teaching at a christian university i want to share with you the words of John:

    John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    I believe in the end and after the history is written, it will be know who were the real heroes of Freedom.


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