Porque la derecha debe ganar

History of an Announced Betrayal

In Opinión on 7 julio 2009 at 10:29 PM

Read this, and make sure you read it well, because what i am about to tell you nobody will. Today after his meeting with Hillary Clinton, Mr. Zelaya on which they announced their intentions to hold talks between Micheletti and Zelaya in Costa Rica. On this day, when our president is out of this country, communist thugs will be prepared to stage a final offensive to take over our country from our hands. As is the costume for communism, when in doubt, lie, when you need to get your objectives, lie.

Prepare because the last frontier of the fight against the left is about to fall, and it will not be seen on CNN.

Stay awake and vigilant because on thursday something will happen that is going to stun the world, they have it all prepared, they set the stage with their lies, poor Micheletti is not going to know what is happening when he will be the one left in exile and Zelaya will come to take over.



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