Porque la derecha debe ganar

The fight against communism just began

In Opinión on 5 julio 2009 at 6:40 PM

To everyone reading on this, understand Honduras legacy to the World, this is a country that is fiercely fighting against communism. People of the world, please support Honduras as you can, the dark forces directed by Chavez and Raúl Castro and his puppets thru america.

Our fight has just began, we the people of Honduras shall stand strong against the dark forces of Evil.
Let’s pray this communist megalomanus Zelaya doesn’t take power back, because then nobody, listen, nobody will help Honduras when he start doing what dictators do, repress his people.

If you are a friend of rightims and democracy, please pray for Honduras

  1. I am so, so ashamed that the American government, or at least Obama (I will NEVER call him president) is supporting that traitorous criminal Zelaya. Just know that this American does not.

  2. Having lived in Venezuela for 20 years and recently relocated to Paraguay due to the political problems causing us to be expelled from our home in the jungle, I applaud Honduras and pray for your strength to see this through.

  3. Guys, thanks for your support for the Honduran people

  4. I found this blog from Hunter’s thanks for posting, i have been writing about what is happening in Honduras over the last week or so and I hate that our government is not doing the right thing here.

  5. Long live free Honduras! Don’t give up, no matter what! The red tide must be roll back from the South America!

  6. Don’t let Castro, the US, the OAS, Chavez or even the illegitimate pResident of the US stop you from following your constitution


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