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Mel Zelaya, Comandante Vaquero y Traidor, ahora llorón, te van a meter al mamo por ladrón

In Opinión on 5 julio 2009 at 1:51 PM

That’s the motto someone had on the march agains “Mel” Zelaya. In english it read, “Mel Zelaya cowboy commander and traitor, now a crybaby, they are going to put you in jail for being a thief”.

Popular culture is wise. That is the feeling from most Hondurans, we don’t want to be a Chavista stronghold.  We always were a beacon of the right in Central America, even when Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador had leftists governments, and they will never won, even if we have to fight against the whole world, even if the leftist president in the United States of America, that nation we have served so well and that we have considered as a friend, they are now throwing Honduras under the bus. But we will fight for our freedom from Chavista Domination.


  1. The good people of Honduras are in our prayers. It is outrageous that Zelaya felt free to violate your constitution, just as Obama is deliberately violating ours.

    It’s also outrageous to good people that Obama is supporting *returning* Zelaya to power. Republicans the U.S. who support the rule of law are shocked that Obama clearly doesn’t, but sadly the opposition party controls both houses of our congress, so we can’t even pass a resolution supporting the people of Honduras.

    But you’ll be in our prayers, and with God’s help both our nations will defeat the thugs and would-be dictators.

  2. I blelive evey person whose taliking bad about zelaya its a ignorance whose have money and every fuking thing, what they did to zelaya its exactly what they did to francisco morazan they throw hem out of the country with out anything….
    so dont talk for everyone in the country……….el pueblo the sons of honduras.
    the conditions to have an army in honduras are done so be ready ok

  3. José, from your email address i can determine you live in Canada, you are so far from this country to know what is really happening, i guess you don’t have despots there in Canada, that’s why you don’t know how far above the law had Zelaya gone

  4. I agree with this article. A small nation as ours is fighting with the Chavistas. We are seen as heroes in many places in South America. We were able to throw our “president” out of the country. And if he comes back, jail awaits him. If the country had become communists, all the elites, hard working people would have run away to other countries. This would have left the country with no jobs for the poor people. They would starve to death. The Chavistas wanted all the elites to leave, but lets be serious, if the Elites leave, the country won’t be able to sustain itself. I am a Honduran, living in San Pedro Sula right now. I was present when everything happened. The people you see in the television, the Melistas. They are actually not Honduran. Chavez sent people from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and so on, to lead the rallies that are pro-zelaya. We are ready for any fight, and we are not alone. “Who are your allies? The enemies of your enemies” However, as we can see, Obama is not the enemy of Chavez, so lets count him out of this. He knows nothing about the problem, Clinton knows a little bit more, or she is eager to know and inquire more on the subjet.

    Guess my age, how old do you think I am?

  5. all this people are a whole bunch of ignorants, instead of watching the news all you do is gossip, if you would actually take the time to hear whats happening you would have a different point of view.Mel Zelaya the future of that country was actually doing a poll to know if people thought there was anything wrong with the constitution which there is. the contitution of honduras was made with the intentions of favoring rich people and screw around poor people but Mel just wanted to know waht the people thought. Rich people could not allow that because it would jeopardize their places in congress. to put it simply, they didnt want the people to know about the fact that they have been stealing and bribing the judicial branch to favor them in any decision. so thats why Mel Zelaya, a great man, was taken out of the country


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