Porque la derecha debe ganar

New Honduras Government Consolidating even after insidious Chavista Propaganda

In Opinión on 30 junio 2009 at 7:56 PM

Big manifestation in favor of President Micheletti

Big manifestation in favor of President Micheletti

Today Thanks to GOD, UnoAmerica, (Unión de Organizaciones Democráticas de América)  http://www.unoamerica.org/ stated its recognition of President Micheletti,  and today some of the foreign media started doing what they should do and gave reporting space to a big manifestation of people who where celebrating the liberation of Honduras against the Chavista Manuel Zelaya Rosales.  Still many  of us feel in despair over how the foreign media and most international institutions gave support to Zelaya, we have to remember than OAS Secretary General, Miguel Insulza is on Chavez payroll and that UN General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto is a former sandinista,  but we are feeling strong support from friends of democracy and from people who is against the Chavist revolution throug America.

We have a saying here in a folkloric song, it says  “No hay otro  pueblo mas macho que el pueblo catracho del cual vengo yo”, it means “There isn’t a Country more macho as the country i come from”, Honduras has never been a bastion of comunism, we were at the heart of the contra-revolution agains Guatemala, El Salvador and Guatemala, we are strong and we will win back the support from our distanced friend in a few weeks.

GOD Bless Honduras.



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