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“Mel” Zelaya and the Open Veins of Latin America

In Opinión on 18 abril 2009 at 9:43 PM

Just saw on the news that Hugo Chávez the president of Venezuela gave the President of the United States a book by Eduardo Galeano. Far from the racket that this act has produced around the book, i would like to analyze what impact has the President of Honduras, Manuel “Mel” Zelaya Rosales in this.

History of Paradise

Let’s start from the beginning, in the first term as a President of George W.  Bush, at this time the economy of Honduras began a time of prosperity, i would not discuss with anyone if this time was also one of equal distributions of this economy prosperity, but as seen on paper and macroeconomic indicators the Honduran economy was booming with many US Dollars coming in a very stable currency and a very slow recovery of the violent situation in which the country has gotten knee deep a few years ago.

The government of Ricardo Maduro Joest was one of moderation and gradual decision making, if you were in the middle class you were in paradise ,  he nurtured our ties with our principal trade partner the United States of America.

Petroleum Bully and Hidden Agenda

Lets get forward in time, President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya Rosales came in the midst of the second term for President Bush, from the start he showed the world that his government would turn to the left instead of growing strong ties to  our familiar partners. His Texan hat and his mustache has become his trademark, apart from that nothing good worth mentioning.  He has turned our country into a chaotic mess full of nepotism, he has insulted friendly countries and  cultivated strong ties with a the petroleum bully Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

He received a strong economy and money enough to support his political desires, in leaning to a pseudo left, he has strong ties to a rulling class of  forest industrials that have made their fortunes by exploiting the the forestal resources  of our country. He has filled most posts on his cabinet with friends and family. His government has  been filled with fraud, corruption and slandering of resources, of which he was left plenty by the prior administration Now democracy is at risk, with the guidance of his teachers Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro he is proposing to the people  a vote to stablish if a new constitution has to be made that allow him to run in the next election. He has hidden intentions to maintain itself in power and has the political and mediatic machinery to at least try.

His intentions are problematic, since our constitution clearly stablish that it is a crime even to speak of reelection, but our political class has been as unable to pull the trigger on his ambitions for their desire to share the spoils he may sow.

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